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A Tradition of Trust

Accidents happen.  But even a seemingly minor accident can leave you with pain or physical limitations for the rest of your life. It can mean missed work or school, and can leave you temporarily unable to care for your family.

In the early stages, you’re just beginning to realize the extent of your injuries.  You may be in considerable pain, have trouble sleeping, and regularly need to take time to visit your doctor or physiotherapist.

You have sustained an injury due to an accident caused by someone else, and you are wondering what to do next.

You need and deserve informed legal/medical advice and financial compensation.

We’re here to help.

We want to ensure you have the support you need both immediately after the accident and until you are healed.  We will aggressively pursue your injury claim with care and concern for your needs.  As well, we will help connect you to the people and services that can help manage your immediate and longer term recovery.

If you are hospitalized as a result of your injuries, we will visit you at the hospital for the convenience of you and your family anywhere in Alberta, British Columbia, the Northwest and Yukon Territories.  We will efficiently and thoroughly assess your immediate and long term needs regarding the determination and pursuit of your claim.