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Category: Braithwaite Boyle Blog

Time Limitation Dates – How long before I lose my rights to sue for my injury damages?

In Alberta you have 2 years from the date of the accident to file a Statement of Claim to start a lawsuit. After the 2 year limitation date expiry, if no Statement of Claim has been filed, you will not be able to get compensation for your injuries. Minors have 2 years from the date […]

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Should I talk to an Injury Lawyer before I talk to the At Fault Insurance Company?

Yes, for several important reasons. You should always contact a Braithwaite Boyle accident injury lawyer if you are hurt in a crash even if you do not think you have a valid claim. A Braithwaite Boyle injury lawyer will determine if your case has merit, and whether you have compensable injuries or damages. There are […]

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Lawsuits start to finish

A lawsuit begins when a Statement of Claim is filed at the Courthouse and it is served on the Defendant. Once this is done the at fault party is put on notice that the Plaintiff is seeking compensation for their injuries and other damages. During the case the Plaintiff’s lawyer and Defendant’s adjuster or lawyer […]

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Vehicle injuries, who pays the medical costs?

Section B medical treatment benefits usually pay for your medical treatments that are not covered by Alberta Health Services. Surgeries and your doctor’s visits are usually covered by Alberta Health Services, but there are some services your doctor can charge you for in relation to your accident injuries such as signing a note for work […]

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Hit-and-runs, What do I do?

Once a hit-and-run vehicle accident occurs, usually it is difficult to determine the identity of the person responsible for the accident. The Alberta Government administers the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund (MVACF) which pays compensation to a party who is injured in a hit-and-run motor vehicle accident. When you do not know the identity of […]

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