Alberta, Ontario

Alberta Distracted Driver Laws

Driving while distracted is a major cause of motor vehicle accidents. It is against the law in Alberta to drive while distracted.

While driving in Alberta you are not permitted to do the following:

  • Use a hand-held cell phone to make or receive a call
  • Send or receive a text or e-mail message
  • Use electronic devices such as laptop computers, video games, cameras, video entertainment displays and programming portable audio players (e.g., MP3 players)
  • Enter information on a G.P.S. unit
  • Read printed materials in the vehicle
  • Writing, printing or sketching
  • Personal grooming

These restrictions complement the current driving without due care and attention legislation in Alberta. It is an offence to drive a motor vehicle without due care and attention and to drive while distracted.

The distracted driving restrictions apply to all vehicles as defined by the Traffic Safety Act, in Alberta including cars, motorcycles, motor homes, truck tractors, farm vehicles and bicycles. The distracted driver law applies to all roads in both urban and rural areas of Alberta.

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Information provided by Joe Boyle, BA, LLB.

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