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Do You Need a Lawyer to Handle your Slipped Disk Injury Accident in Alberta?

Slipped disk (also referred to as a herniated disk) injuries occur in your lumbar spine and sometimes also occur in your cervical spine. The bones in your spinal column are cushioned by these discs and are intended to absorb shocks from activities such as walking, lifting and twisting. Each disk is comprised of a soft inner portion and a tough outer portion.

Slipped disks are identified when the soft inner portion of the disc extends outward through the outer ring. This injury can cause immense pain and discomfort especially when the slipped disk puts pressure on the spinal nerve which can subsequently cause pain and numbness along affected nerves. In more severe forms of slipped disk injuries – surgical correction or removal may be required to alleviate the pain and discomfort. 

While slipped disks are a common injury among elderly individuals – it is also a common injury sustained in motor vehicle accidents and other types of trauma. If you have acquired a herniated disk injury as a result of an accident – you may be eligible for compensation for these injuries. To find out more about Braithwaite Boyle’s injury claims please click here.

Alberta Car Accidents Statistics

The total Reportable Collisions in 2015 by the Alberta Government’s Office of Traffic Safety Transportation Services Division (report released in May 2017) was 140,705. Of those collisions, a Total Number of Casualties sustained was 18,237 over the 12-month period.

The report also reveals that 84.1% of the total collisions occurred in urban areas such as Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer to name a few. The entire report (and other data) from the Province of Alberta can be found here.
If you have been involved in a car accident and are experiencing some of the symptoms below – there is a chance you may have sustained a slipped disk injury. We strongly recommend you consult with your doctor if you are experiencing any of the symptoms below following your accident.

Here are some common symptoms that may indicate you have a slipped disk injury:

  • Numbness, Tingling and Burning Sensations: You may experience numbness or tingling in the body parts that are served by the affected nerves. 
  • Weakness of Muscles: You may experience weakness of your muscles if they are in close proximity to the affected nerves. 
  • Pain: You may experience pain in your arms and legs especially after walking short distances, at night time, after certain movements or more commonly on one side of your body. This pain can occur in your arms, legs, buttocks, shoulder, arm, and neck.

In our experience dealing with car accident victims, we have seen numerous cases where severe slipped disk injuries have left patients in constant pain for the rest of their lives – preventing them from carrying on normal duties such as working or day-to-day tasks. In cases like this – where the other party was at fault for causing your injury and also has insurance coverage to pay you for damages, our accident lawyers can help advance a claim where you may be entitled to financial compensation.

At Braithwaite Boyle, our accident lawyers in Alberta have extensive experience in advancing claims with respect to slipped disk injuries. If you are suffering from slipped disk injuries as a result of an accident – contact our offices today and speak directly with a member of our legal team. With offices in Edmonton, Calgary, and Red Deer – our accident lawyers can serve individuals across the Province of Alberta.

Please email or call 1-800-661-4902 and speak directly to a lawyer from Braithwaite Boyle for a free consultation about your personal injury claim.

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