Expert Evidence

Importance of Expert Evidence in Adding Value to Injury Cases

Accident lawyers in most injury cases need to get third party experts involved in their case because qualified medical experts have the knowledge to properly assess a claimant’s case. In some cases our firm needs to rely on an engineering or accident re-constructionist expert in order to support our legal position.

With the help of these experts our case can move forward allowing us to prove our client’s claim for proper compensation against the at fault party.

In the past we have used experts to support our client’s wage loss claims as well as their personal injury compensation claim if liability is an issue. In cases where an expert is retained to quantify a client’s wage loss claim the outcome has been positive as the expert’s report strengthened our client’s wage loss claim. In cases where an expert is retained due to liability issues, a favorable expert report may allow you to proceed with your claim should it demonstrate you are not liable or are only partially liable for the accident.

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Information provided by James Dow, BA, LLB.

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