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SEF 44 Insurance Policy Endorsement – Role and Importance

The minimum amount of public liability insurance coverage a motor vehicle owner must carry is $200,000.00. Although most people should and do have one million or more in insurance coverage. If you suffer a major injury and the at-fault party has only minimal coverage or no coverage you will want to ensure that you are adequately protected.

The majority of motor vehicle insurance policies sold in Alberta should carry SEF 44 coverage. SEF 44 coverage ensures that you and your family can collect the full amount of compensation you are entitled to if the at fault driver does not have sufficient insurance coverage or has no insurance.

In Alberta up to 10% of motorists on the road do not have insurance coverage. Having a valid SEF 44 family endorsement on your policy protects you and your family. If your damages exceed the amount of damages that the at fault driver’s insurance coverage or the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund allows, your SEF 44 coverage will be utilized. In most cases your SEF 44 policy will pay the difference between what the at fault driver’s insurance company or the Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Fund covers and what your actual financial damages are.

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Information provided by Ken Braithwaite, LLB.

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