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Should I talk to an Injury Lawyer before I talk to the At-Fault Insurance Company?

Yes, for several important reasons. You should always contact a Braithwaite Boyle accident injury lawyer if you are hurt in a crash even if you do not think you have a valid claim. A Braithwaite Boyle injury lawyer will determine if your case has merit, and whether you have compensable injuries or damages.

There are time limitation deadlines that you need to meet and if you retain our law firm your Braithwaite Boyle injury lawyer will take the steps needed in order to protect your rights.

The at-fault driver’s insurance company has their team of professional adjusters, lawyers, medical and other experts working to limit the amount of compensation you are paid for your injury. They may lead you to believe that your injury is a minor injury and offer you minimal compensation when in fact you are entitled to more compensation.

You should always call a Braithwaite Boyle injury lawyer immediately after you are injured in an accident because they will advise you on your rights and the steps that need to be taken so your rights can be protected you can be fully compensated for your injuries.

If you or a loved one is injured, call Braithwaite Boyle today for a free initial consultation and speak to one of our experienced injury lawyers to get the help and advice you need.

Information provided by Janice Chapman, BA (Distinction), LLB.

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