WAD Injuries

What are WAD Injuries?

WAD means whiplash associated disorder and is defined under the Alberta Minor Injury Regulation (MIR).

WAD 1 and 2 injuries are statutory defined by the MIR as soft tissue injuries (muscle sprain or strain) that do not result in a serious impairment. Major injuries are statutorily defined under the MIR as broken bones or fractures or a WAD 3 (neurological damage) or WAD 4 (a fracture or dislocation of the spine) injury.

A WAD 1 or 2 minor injury is subject to a “Cap” on pain and suffering damages. A major injury, namely a broken bone or fracture or a WAD 3 or WAD 4 injury is not subject to a “Cap” on pain and suffering damages.

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Information provided by Katherine Burt, BA, LLB.

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