Cut from benefits

What Shall I Do If I Am Cut Off of Section B Benefits?

If you still need medical treatments and your section B treatment benefits have come to an end, you can call Alberta Health Services to see if they will cover the recommended treatments. If you have health benefits at work you should also inquire about whether the required treatments are covered through your plan.

If you do not have health benefits at work, you may be able to purchase private health coverage from a company such as Blue Cross. You may also want to speak to your doctor or other health treatment providers to see if there are any other financial options available to you.

If your section B wage loss coverage has come to an end and you cannot return to work due to your injuries you should contact Service Canada to see if you qualify for medical employment Insurance benefits. If you have employee benefits that include short and long term disability coverage you should apply for short term or long term disability benefits.

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Information provided by Ken Braithwaite, LLB (Honours), PCLL.

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