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Social / Commercial Host Liability

Social/Commercial Host Liability

A recent Supreme Court of Canada case held that a tavern owner could be held liable to an intoxicated patron who was served enough drinks to become intoxicated, if the tavern staff failed to take steps to persuade the intoxicated patron not to drive when it was known the intoxicated patron was going to drive. The tavern owner could also be held liable for damages to the other parties injured by the drunk driver such as passengers or other drivers in other cars. The same liability will attach to a private resident who serves excessive alcohol to his guests at a private party, and they are later injured.

If you are injured or a family member dies as a result of the actions of a drunk driver, call a Braithwaite Boyle accident injury lawyer immediately. It is very important to track down the witnesses who can report on the activities and actions of the tavern staff, to obtain police, paramedic and hospital reports regarding the degree of drunkenness and to take other steps such as hiring a private investigator to investigate the tavern’s serving practices, physical layout and monitoring system regarding intoxicated customers before such facts are changed. If you think there may be a claim against a commercial or social host for injuries that have happened in this way, contact a Braithwaite Boyle accident injury lawyer right away.

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