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Claims Against Own Insurer

If you are involved in a motor vehicle accident, in most cases, your own insurance company has the responsibility of repairing your car. If you are injured and cannot work, they have the responsibility of paying your Section B Benefits of up to $300.00 per week for as long as you cannot work because of your injuries.

If, for some reason your insurer refuses to pay these or other responsibilities that they have to you, you will be required to sue them in order to obtain the full and proper benefits to which you are entitled under your insurance policy.

If you are required to sue your insurer, you should retain a lawyer to assist and advise you. If you bring a lawsuit, legal counsel will represent the insurer and therefore, you should also be represented. The limitation periods for suing an insurer are much shorter than for a regular civil lawsuit and therefore steps need to be taken much more quickly.

If you suspect that you may have to sue your own insurance company, contact a lawyer at Braithwaite Boyle immediately for more information.

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