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The Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Program


What if you are in a motor vehicle accident, caused by a driver who is not insured? Does that mean that you are out of luck when it comes to obtaining the compensation you deserve for your own accident injuries and other damages? Fortunately, the answer is that if the proper steps are taken at the right time, you will receive full and proper compensation from a government-administered program in Alberta, established for the exact purpose of protecting victims of uninsured drivers.

The Motor Vehicle Accident Claims Program, which is administered by the Alberta Department of Justice, requires that a number of legal steps be taken before any monies will be paid out, and often, payment from the program takes a little longer than if a regular insurance company was involved. The legal steps which the program requires means that you must retain a lawyer to file the proper documentation and take the other requisite steps before any program monies will be paid.

It is critical that proper steps be taken immediately when dealing with an uninsured driver. Call a Braithwaite Boyle accident injury lawyer immediately.

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