Vehicle Injuries

Vehicle Injuries: Who Pays the Medical Costs?

Section B medical treatment benefits usually pay for your medical treatments that are not covered by Alberta Health Services.

Surgeries and your doctor’s visits are usually covered by Alberta Health Services, but there are some services your doctor can charge you for in relation to your accident injuries such as signing a note for work absence, etc.

Some of the medical treatments that Section B covers are physiotherapy, massage therapy, visits to the chiropractor and TMJ treatments. If you have work benefits and some of the medical services required are not covered by Section B or Alberta Health Services you will want to see if your work benefits cover those treatments. If you cannot get coverage for some of your medical expenses then you may have to pay for the medical treatment on your own have our firm sue for that amount as special damages claim against the at fault driver.

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Information provided by Ken Braithwaite, LLB.

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