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Occupiers’ Liability

Occupiers Liability

If you own or occupy (that is, rent or lease) a property where the general public frequent, or even if just your friends or others frequent, you are responsible to maintain the property in such a state that no one will be injured by their attendance on the property. This may include timely removal of snow and ice in the winter, careful and judicious use of cleaning equipment and materials while others are present on the property, and even making sure that the design of the property is such that there are no hazards to anyone coming on the property for any reason.

Signs may be used to warn of dangers or hazards which cannot be rectified, but remember that young children and persons who cannot read English may not understand the signs. Every reasonable precaution must be taken to protect against possible injury, including placing guards or protectors over dangerous machines, etc.

It does not matter what the reason for one’s being on a property, if one is injured. Either the owner or the occupier of the property, or both, may be sued for injuries incurred. The owner or occupier of the property can use an alarm to help warn of intruders but they cannot leave a trap that will injure the intruder. If you have been injured by your attendance on the property of another, you should contact legal counsel immediately. Call or visit the law offices of Braithwaite Boyle Accident Injury Law in Edmonton, Calgary or Red Deer.

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