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Recreational Accidents

Recreational accidents can be serious, and obtaining prompt medical attention is your first priority. If you then suspect that the accident was due to the negligence of a recreational company or employee, consult a Braithwaite Boyle accident injury lawyer as soon as possible.

Injuries sustained during outdoor activities such as parachuting, white water rafting, helicopter skiing, etc. are often due to the negligence of recreational companies and/or their instructors, guides and other employees.

A recreational firm or employee may be found negligent for a number of reasons. These include: failing to accurately assess a participant’s abilities, inadequate training, giving inadequate instructions, failing to rescue the participant in distress, faulty equipment or lack of safety equipment, and subjecting a participant to unreasonably difficult physical activity.

Your personal injury lawyer at Braithwaite Boyle Accident Injury Law can help evaluate your recreational accident claim and build your case. Contact us to schedule your initial consultation.

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